May the Fourth (be with you)


12:45am, May 4th.

Me: I am totally up for watching a Star Wars marathon with you.

Mr. Katje: Maybe not all of them.

Me: It’s not a marathon if we don’t watch all of them.

Mr. Katje: I don’t even think I have 1 2 or 3.

Me: …I said STAR WARS.

Mr. Katje (deciding to fuck with me): I think I’ve got Insurrection around…

Me: …Star. Wars.

Mr. Katje: Or how about Nemesis?

Me: …who the fuck are you?

Sometimes I don’t even know my husband anymore, man. Sometimes, I tell ya. Today I realized he didn’t even know who Ursula K. LeGuin is! Can you imagine?

Joking aside, we are one movie into our marathon now. About to put on Empire. (I’m livetweeting it — view my puerile humour!) The dogs upstairs are going fucking nuts. We find this quite amusing.

May the 4th be with you!