Fatshion Friday, June 20th 2014


So I’m doing a new thing on this blog (and on Instagram) where on Fridays I’m going to post a picture of what I’m wearing and call it Fatshion Friday. Why? Well, I’ve always felt intimidated by fatshion posts and have never wanted to do them before because I felt I would be found wanting. I’m not super trendy. I wear whatever I feel like wearing on any given day. A lot of my clothing is stained or ripped or just old; I’m not a person who can afford new pieces all that often and I’m not a person who cares if my clothing is ripped or stained. Is it still functional? Then I’m keeping it. The joke of “all it needs is a viable waistband!” that I hear men make about their underwear applies to my underwear as well — with the added “and enough fabric to conceivably stick a pad or panty liner to”. (This is something my hubs is constantly teasing me about, but he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. We both have to go to specialty places — in his case, the bloody States, to find underwear that fits and is comfy. KEEP IT TILL IT DISINTEGRATES is the household motto.)

So I’m pretty sure I’d get chased out of fatshion circles for being an unkempt schlub.

But, whatever. This isn’t fatshion circles — this is my blog. Where I can do whatever the fuck I want. So I’m starting this Friday post thing so that other fat people out there who don’t feel fashionable enough for the same reasons I don’t can see that you don’t have to be super cute or trendy to participate in fatshion — if you’re comfortable and happy, that’s all that matters! SCHLUBS UNITE

Also this will make sure that I make an attempt to post here weekly.

(And, I mean, I’m sure there are fatshion circles that are way inclusive of my “fashion”? Maybe? But I haven’t really seen any, and to be honest I find that so many places that talk about fashion at all start to get caught in that trap of shaming people for what they wear or snarking about their lack of fashion sense, or whatever, and I just really dislike that. So instead of moving in fashion circles and having to avoid those sorts of things, I’m just going to post here and Instagram and do my own thing and if you want to shame what I wear in the comments you will either be blocked or publicly mocked. Or both.)

On with the fatshion!

#fatshionfriday overshirt: stolen from hubs. Undershirt: Costco camisole. Pants: thrifted. House shoes: Liquidation World.

Overshirt: stolen from Mr. Katje.
Undershirt: Costco camisole.
Pants: thrifted.
House shoes: Liquidation World.

Yep, house shoes, because at this point I do not plan on leaving the house today. I miss Liquidation World. They had awesome stuff. I’m really glad I bought like, 3 pairs of these house shoes, because I’m wearing them into the ground.

I’m wearing this because it’s comfy, and today is a bit chilly as we are still stuck in Junuary.

…also all my other pants are dirty and I didn’t feel like wearing a skirt today.

…and my skirts are dirty too.

Or just not hung up/put away so I didn’t feel like digging through the mountain of clothing in my office.