This blog is moving


I know, I’ve done this before — from to my self-hosted site, then back to And now I’m doing it again. I’m moving this blog so it’ll be self-hosted again. You can find the new location here.

Why? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about “digital sharecropping.” Ie, putting my content on a site that’s not fully owned by me. And I’m becoming more and more uncomfortable with it.

Sure, this blog isn’t always well written; it’s about as moody as I am. But there is some good content here, and, more importantly, that content is mine. As time goes on I have become increasingly uncomfortable with hosting it at a place that doesn’t really belong to me.

I am using the software on my site and it’s enabled with Jetpack, so you should be able to follow me in your WordPress homepage. And, of course, email subscriptions will still be available, as will standard RSS feeds.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it’s really the best choice I could have made.

Update your bookmarks here.

Goodbye, We had some good times. I’ll always remember you.



PS: This blog, here on, will stay up for a while, as I’ve still got the lengthy job of updating links to do. No idea when that will be done. But there will be no new posts here, so go to the blog’s new location to stay updated.