SFFSat: will Yarrow survive?


Welcome to Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday!

Here we have the final snippet of Yarrow’s fate on the slopes of Mt. Impri. Read snippet one here and snippet two here.

The shape came closer, and she saw six legs – no, wait, now two legs and four arms as it moved to trot upright, large iridescent wings behind it for balance. It was covered in a thick white fur, but that was all she noticed for in the next instant a blur of white and black collided with the creature from the side, knocking it down and rolling away with it, locked in fierce battle.

The screaming stopped abruptly, and Yarrow, suddenly free, collapsed and started rolling down the mountain. She flung out her arms to stop herself but it was too late, and she rolled until she landed in a crevice, her head landing hard on a rock. For a second she struggled to rise, but then darkness consumed her in a wave.

That’s it for this collection of snippets. Yes, I am that evil.

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The thought was half-formed in her mind when the sound became a high-pitched keening scream. She tried to clamp her hands over her ears but stood paralysed, rooted to the spot.

Out of the darkness came a lumbering white shape, galloping towards her with deadly purpose. It continued to scream and Yarrow felt her blood freeze in her veins as she realised what it was.

Flesh Screamer.

She stood, unable to move, desperately trying to draw her sword. Her body wouldn’t obey. Her skin felt tight and hard, all suppleness lost, as if it had turned to stone around her and locked her in place.

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SFFSat: wherein Yarrow walks up Mt. Impri


In this snippet from Bellica Yarrow is walking back up the mountain after her hunting trip.

True to her pessimistic prediction, the sun had set by the time she reached the treeline, and she laboured up the rocky, snow-sprinkled slope in the dark. Soon the moons rose and cast their silver light, giving an eerie shine to the rust-coloured rock of the rest of the Blood Mountains that stretched away in a long range, far to the north, and the river with the same name that ran through them.

Yarrow stopped to look at the view behind her several times, and wondered what lay further north, beyond the mountain range that spanned the earth from her spot to the horizon. Did anything lie beyond it or was it just mountains and forest forever, as far as the earth went?

Maybe in summer, if Jules and I still live, we’ll journey north. See what there is to be seen.
She turned back and continued her zig-zag hike up, cursing the Moirae and Fortuna with every step. It was windy and cold and miserable again, and all she could think about was the warm bath that she knew awaited her in the mountain.

A sound like a song came over the wind, and Yarrow frowned and looked around. It came again, like a woman singing mournfully. Damn mountain gets creepier every day.

To discover the source of the song, come back next Saturday for the continuation of this scene!

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Sunday Seven: Yarrow and Jules discuss the skeleton in front of them


As promised, here is the rest of yesterday’s little snippet.

“Who’s this, then?” she asked into the long silence.

“Beats me,” Jules said, face earnest. “I’d hazard a guess and say it’s the last Queen who was exiled to here.”

“Thanks, Chief Officer of the Obvious,” she said sardonically and explored the rest of the room.

Finding nothing of interest, she suggested they move on to the third door from the main hall.

“And never come back in here again,” she added, looking at the skeleton.


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SFFSat: Yarrow and Jules explore Mt. Impri further


Hello! I’m finally back for SFSat, and this week I have two snippets for you — one today, one tomorrow.

I know, I know — I’m awesome.

This week’s Bellica snippet follows Yarrow and Jules’ adventures on Mt. Impri — after safely navigating past the first door, they explore what seems to be an ancient, long-abandoned city within the mountain.

Turned out it was the kitchens and the servants’ quarters. After a quick search, they determined it was void of living things but, strangely, not food – the icebox was stocked full with unidentifiable meat, and there were even things like grains and such in the pantry. Yarrow felt that chill that had been her best friend since they’d arrived come back to say hello, and she tried to banish it by moving onto the next room.

This room prompted a yell and throwing of her knife from Yarrow, and the steel blade hit the throne she’d aimed it at, clattering to the floor at the feet of the skeleton who sat and regarded them with empty eye sockets. There was a crown still on her head.

“Congratulations,” Jules said wryly as he walked around Yarrow, “you killed it.”

That prompted a well-deserved smack on the shoulder.

Jules didn’t respond as he walked to the throne and retrieved Yarrow’s knife. Before he could walk back to her she’d joined him, staring at the long-dead Queen.

Join me tomorrow for the next bit of this scene!

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SFFSat, April 7th 2012: Mt. Impri and ancient mageks


For a bit of change of pace this week I’m giving y’all a small snippet from Bellica, my first novel. This is from later on in the novel, when Yarrow (my protagonist) and one of her closest and oldest friends, Jules, are investigating the insides of Mt. Impri — the capricious guardian of Atton, Athering’s northernmost town. Here they find strange, ancient mageks and a situation perhaps more dangerous than the one they left behind…

“Frankly, though, this place gives me the creeps and I’d like to leave,” he added, and Yarrow felt a bit of bravado come back.

“And face certain death?” she asked.

He gestured with his sword to the still open door that led to darkness. “We could die here!”

“Yes, but it’s not certain.”

He made a noise of exasperation. “Fine. You first.”

I’d planned on it, she thought, but only nodded and drew her boot knife.

Slowly she stepped forward through the door, into the dark hallway beyond. A blue light passed over her face and body, making the small hairs on her skin stand up on end.

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SFFSat: Drunken confessions continued


This week’s snippet is a continuation of last week’s, posted here.

It caught her completely off guard. She swallowed convulsively in the raw emotion crackling the air. She grasped at her old, Umbra-may-care mood, but her jesting tone fell flat. “What, you’d sacrifice your life for me?”
His look didn’t waver, but a small smile, almost as infinitesimal as his earlier shrug, curved his lips. “I swore as much when I became your major.”
“That’s different,” she said immediately, and broke her gaze away from his, unable to stand the intensity of it anymore. “And no, I won’t. You had nothing to do with this, Caelum.”

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