SFFSat: Yarrow and Jules explore Mt. Impri further


Hello! I’m finally back for SFSat, and this week I have two snippets for you — one today, one tomorrow.

I know, I know — I’m awesome.

This week’s Bellica snippet follows Yarrow and Jules’ adventures on Mt. Impri — after safely navigating past the first door, they explore what seems to be an ancient, long-abandoned city within the mountain.

Turned out it was the kitchens and the servants’ quarters. After a quick search, they determined it was void of living things but, strangely, not food – the icebox was stocked full with unidentifiable meat, and there were even things like grains and such in the pantry. Yarrow felt that chill that had been her best friend since they’d arrived come back to say hello, and she tried to banish it by moving onto the next room.

This room prompted a yell and throwing of her knife from Yarrow, and the steel blade hit the throne she’d aimed it at, clattering to the floor at the feet of the skeleton who sat and regarded them with empty eye sockets. There was a crown still on her head.

“Congratulations,” Jules said wryly as he walked around Yarrow, “you killed it.”

That prompted a well-deserved smack on the shoulder.

Jules didn’t respond as he walked to the throne and retrieved Yarrow’s knife. Before he could walk back to her she’d joined him, staring at the long-dead Queen.

Join me tomorrow for the next bit of this scene!

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SFFSat: Adrasteia practices her bad-ass Detective look.


This is a detective story, but it’s in a fantasy setting. Magic and technology are sort of the same thing in this place.

She rummaged around in the top drawer for her gun holster. Something she hadn’t worn for a while now — she couldn’t afford ammo recharges, and she hadn’t been on any jobs that would require it.

If the Queen required her to start on her new job right away, well, she wanted to be prepared.

She slipped the leather straps over her shoulders and adjusted until the gun sat comfortably against her ribcage, under her right breast. A few times, for practice, she grabbed it quickly and aimed at an invisible assailant.

“Do you feel lucky? Do you, kid?” She grimaced. She may still have what it took to fire quickly, but she definitely needed to work on her one-liners.

This is from my 2011 Nanowrimo novel, currently untitled. Enjoy!

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A character sheet!


So, here we have a screenshot of the character sheet for Yarrow, my main character. You’ll note the picture inspiration in the top right hand corner (by the way, have I ever mentioned how much I love Scrivener? Because I seriously, seriously do). This is not the full character sheet, of course. No spoilers. 😉

The picture is of my best and oldest (15 years now) friend, who was my original inspiration for Yarrow. Yarrow is now completely different from my friend, as years of writing and re-writing will do to a character, but when I started this endeavor Yarrow and Kana shared a lot of traits in common. Two things that stayed fairly constant: Yarrow’s look, which is a combination of Kana and Milla Jovovich plus height, and her attitude.

You can see in the picture the warrior stance, the COME AT ME BRO that characterizes both Kana and Yarrow’s attitudes on life. While Yarrow has changed in many ways over the years, she still retains these key pieces which, I believe, make her the character she is.

(No, Kana is not a sex-crazed alcoholic warrior who is most likely homicidal. That would be where bits of my personality leak into my characters.)

(I kid.)

(Not really.)