Why Bellica is $4.99, and why my other books will be too


Friends! Romans! Countrymen fellow indie authors!

We are in a crisis. We have been selling ourselves short. Pricing our books at $0.99 just so we can get the impulse buys, driving the market down, forcing our fellow authors to do low prices as well just so they can compete.

This is all wrong.

If you’re publishing your book via Kindle you only get $0.3465 of that $0.99. Yeah. They take $0.6435. Sell a hundred copies and you’ve just made Amazon $64.35 and yourself $34.65 for a book that most likely took you a few years to write and countless sleepless nights.

Price it at $2.99 and your royalty jumps to 70% — $2.09 a book, while Amazon makes $0.90. Sell a hundred copies and suddenly you’ve made 209 dollars, while Amazon has made 90.

Which scenario makes more sense, here? Who should be getting the bulk of the money for your book? Amazon, who, yes, provides a valuable service but hasn’t done as much work on your book as you have and will still not promote it for you, or you, who’s written it, gotten it edited, found a cover design, formatted it, advertised it, sweated over it, lost sleep over it, and obsessed about it from conception to completion?

Bellica took me 13 years to complete. Why would I sell myself short? It’s worth $4.99 — hells, it’s worth more than that, but I had to drop the price to stay competitive.

Writing is now my full time job. This means that Bellica will remain that price for ebook format, and the paperback will remain $26.99. This means that The Jade Star of Athering will be $4.99 after the promo period price of $2.99; as will Dead Transgressions, Islands of Fire and Water, and any other novels I produce. Novellas and poetry collections will be slightly lower, but I will never drop my books below the price of $2.99.

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So, there was a bit of a mishap with Bellica — somehow my editor worked on the wrong (read: older, un-revised version) copy of Part 2 for about 8 hours. This has set us back a bit and Bellica should be printed by Friday — but not in my hands until Saturday; perhaps Sunday.

Regarding Availability of the Paperback

The first print run will be very small. Twenty copies; three of which are going out in the giveaway (which, by the way, you only have until midnight tonight to enter). I am selling the copies directly so you will have to talk to me if you want one. Once I run out of the first print run I’ll do another run; the size of it will be determined by how fast I sell the first 17 copies.

At this time I am not shipping outside Canada and the US. I wish I could but unfortunately shipping costs to other countries are prohibitively expensive and it’s a heavy book.

However I am looking into the possibility of permission-ing Bellica through EspressNet, which is the global network of Espresso Book Machines. What that means: you can go to a bookstore local to you that has an EBM and order a copy of my book. It will be printed within a matter of minutes; you pay for it; a royalty gets sent back to me and we’re both happy.

Once I decipher the literature out there referring to how to do it it will be done and Bellica (and all my other books, when they’re published) will be available worldwide. (A list of EBM locations worldwide.)

I don’t yet have a solid price for Bellica but it’s hovering at $26.99 CAD. I realize it’s a lot to spend on a new author and people have tight wallets these days, which is why I am bringing up the second option.


I am also releasing Bellica as an ebook for Kindle and e-readers that use the ePub format. The files should be uploaded on Friday and then Gods know how long it’ll take for them to show up for sale on Amazon and GoodReads. I anticipate it will be available in both locations no later than December 1st.

Currently those will be the two places one can buy Bellica. I am looking into Kobo and Nook stores but they’re complex and terrifying.

The price for the ebook will be $9.99 CAD.

So those are your two current options; I hope more will open up in the future. I also really hope that you consider picking up a copy of my book. I’ve worked really hard on it and I want people to read it.

If you live outside the US or Canada and cannot, for whatever reason, pick up an ebook version but still really want a copy…I am working on the answer for this. You may have to wait for a bit but I will find a way to get a copy of Bellica to you.


Writer Wednesday: it’s like the future sneaked up behind me and shouted “Boo!”


I’ve just spent the past few hours reading about Twitter hashtags for writers, finding new and varied blogs about writing and the writing business, finding prompts and challenges for blogging, and finding out that self-publishing may be losing its bad rap sooner rather than later. Which is awesome, because legacy publishing is kind of B.S.-tastic. Holly Lisle is apparently now going the self-publishing route, after being published for over 30 books in the legacy publishing industry. She has some interesting things to say about it.


Apparently there’s been this techno-revolution in the world of writing and it’s still going strong. I only vaguely knew about these things; I had no idea it was so big.

I recently decided my blog is going to be my business platform. That’s why I revamped the site and why you’re seeing daily, if not more, posts from me.

All the new information bodes well for my career, because I’m planning on having not only a paperback version of Bellica out by January, but an ebook version as well. All I have to do between now and then is build up my online presence to semi-famous, and the book will sell like a hotcake.

Fewer than six months. I think I can do that. I’ll be on Twitter a whole hell of a lot, of course, and constantly searching for new ways to connect with other writers.

However, I could definitely use some help. Have any suggestions? Your own stories of reaching internet fame? What’s my next step?