Cover Reveal: The Jade Star of Athering


It’s finally here — cover reveal day! I’m super excited to share with you all the cover for my latest book, The Jade Star of Athering. The gorgeous artwork is by Juan Garcia from Otavalo, Ecuador, and he was gracious enough to allow me to use the painting for my book cover. I’m very grateful to him.

Following the cover is a synopsis and preorder information. I’ve also dropped the price of Bellica to $1.99, and the preorder price for The Jade Star of Athering is the same. After release day, the price of Jade Star will go up to $2.99. Bellica will stay at $1.99.


The Jade Star of Athering

Book 2 in The Third Age

The gods demand blood, as Athering and Ixtepan stand pitched against each other in war. Dusty prophecies foretell the coming of one who will save Ixtepan and end the bloodshed: Sho-qoot-Bak. Who is she? And will she embrace her destiny before the world is ripped asunder?

Bellica Agate has spent her life seeking privacy–as much peace as a bellica’s life can grant her. She has no desire to look beyond her roles as leader of the Thirteenth Regiment, protector of Athering, and spouse of a good man.

Yet old legends and prophecies haunt Agate’s every step. The voice of a goddess whispers in her ear: You cannot escape what you were born to do. Once Athering is pitted against its southern neighbor, war threatens everything Agate has ever known. She must come face to face with her past to save the future.

Every step of the perilous journey moves Agate closer to the truth she’s been running from, all her life: the gods demand blood. Hers.

Preorder Information

Currently the preorder is available at Gumroad and Kindle. I’m working on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo, but they might take a bit longer. I’ll be sending a short notice via the newsletter when they’re available, so if you want to be in the know first, you should sign up.

That’s it for now! I hope you like the cover. I know I do.



Writer Wednesday: Answers needed for a poll!


Bellica is coming out soon, and I need some answers.

I’m planning on keeping it up on the site for free and selling eBook and paperback copies alongside it. I’m a bit iffy on this plan, however, because I do need to pay rent and it would be nice if my writing career could support me. I want people to read my works more than I want money, yes, but I also want food. It’s delicious. And filling.

So I need to know from you, the readers, if this is feasible.

Additional comments? Post them below.

Writer Wednesday: Your Help Needed for the Cover of my Novel, Bellica


Hello, faithful readers!

I am in need of some assistance. My book, Bellica, is currently going through some edits and rewrites and I should have it all done by the end of September. At which point I will need an actual cover for the thing.

I have a concept, and can borrow a camera — all I need is a model and costume and props. Great if the model just happens to have these things lying around, but if not arrangements can be made.

The specs:

  • Ideal model would be lithe and well-muscled — the character you’re portraying is Bellica Yarrow, and she’s in the military. I’d model, myself, but I’m fucking fat. And that’s ok, but it’s not Yarrow.
  • Yarrow has long, curly red hair — we can find a wig if necessary.
  • Costume is leather breeches, cotton shirt, leather-mail tunic. Prop is sword. Doesn’t have to be real, just has to look real.
  • Your face will not be shown on the cover. I hate it when character’s faces are on the cover.
  • Shoot will take place in Nanaimo, Vancouver, or some area relatively close by to those places. I can travel, but would like to keep it close to home. Shoot will be in mid-September, ideally.
  • You will be compensated for the shoot. Not much, so this is ideal for models looking to build their portfolio, or a student looking for a small bit of extra income.

Interested? Know someone who might be? Please let me know by email: katjevanloon [at] gmail [dot] com, by my contact page, or via my Facebook.