30 in 30: Day 09 (in which I hold back a rant and finish quickly — really, this is the first time that’s happened!)


Best scene ever


(You’ve been warned.)

(Seriously, don’t read any further if you don’t want the ending of Kushiel’s Dart spoiled for you.)

And again, we explore my hopeless romanticism.

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30 in 30: Day 04 (in which I’m late with the post but feck off it’s my birthday :P also I talk about Glenraven)


Your favorite book or series ever

So, I’m late with this post, but I figure y’all can fucking deal with it cause it’s my birthday today. (I’m 24. It was a frackin’ awesome day.)

My favorite book or series ever. This is a really, really hard choice. I have so many books that I just love to death and will read again and again. If I have to choose just one, however…

Glenraven, by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Holly Lisle.

Now. I will add, as a disclaimer, that is has been years since I read this book and I don’t recall all the details. My copy is, well, you guessed it, in a box somewhere, and I haven’t had a chance to unearth it and re-read it yet. However. I’m just going to say, in general, why I love this book so much. There are two reasons.

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