Yesterday I finished proofing the print copy of Stranger Skies, made edits to the file, and sent the files off to the printer’s.

I’m glad I actually sat myself down and proofed the thing. I was feeling a bit “BUT I’VE DONE IT SO MANY TIMES ALREADY” when I got it and didn’t want to proof it. Turns out there were a few rather large errors in it, which of course means I need to update the ebooks again.

Still, feeling accomplished about getting the print book done. We should have the first run printed by the end of the week, hopefully. They will be ready to ship by Christmas.

I’m doing a special on pre-orders, so if you want a paperback of Stranger Skies for $16.95 instead of the regular $19.95, this is your chance. Will ship to anywhere in Canada for five dollars. Still working on US shipping, so if you’re in the US stay tuned for that.

Other accomplishments:

– Didn’t get crying-drunk at the Christmas party last night, like I did last year. To be fair, last year they had eggnog and rum, which I’d never tasted before. This year there was no eggnog and I just had my own Bailey’s, so it was far easier to moderate my intake. Hooray!

(I don’t often get crying-drunk; in fact it usually never happens. But eggnog + rum tastes really good and I got super excited last year over it and…yes. Couldn’t moderate. So this year it was a goal to not get so drunk at the party. Because crying-drunk is just fucking depressing.)

– Went and shipped 7 boxes today! 6 of them held copies of Bellica for the James Tiptree Award judging panel! They might actually arrive on time. Send prayers please.

– I watched Love, Actually today with Jenny Trout and a bunch of awesome folks on Twitter. I guess maybe it wasn’t an accomplishment? But I feel accomplished, so there.

Now, dinnertime. I am off to stuff my face.

#ziewrites — a new hashtag for genderqueer writers


If you’ve been following my Twitter account for the past week or so you may have noticed that I’ve started using #ziewrites on some of my posts about writing.

This is sort of a response to the hashtag (and website) #shewrites — which I think is awesome. I think there should absolutely be ways for women writers to connect with each other and find support, and I applaud the use of the hashtag #shewrites.

But it’s not for me, and I started wondering — how many other genderqueer authors/writers feel like they’re missing out on community-building on Twitter? 

Maybe not so many, but I decided to go ahead and start using #ziewrites anyway. There may not be many of us now, but that could very well change. Imagine: a future full of genderqueer writers, chatting on Twitter with each other! Or Google+ — the hashtag can definitely be used there. Sounds like a pretty cool future to me.

So if you’re a fellow genderqueer/non-binary writer and you’re on Twitter/G+, why not join me in the #ziewrites stream? Or follow me? The same brand of Katje-insanity you’ve come to know and love, but in 140 characters or fewer! Also, support for my fellow bros, ladies, ladybros, ladydudes, brofaces, etc. All of y’all, no matter what pronouns you use. (Binary-gendered trans* writers are welcome, too, if you want to join in!)

Who knows — maybe this will take off in a big way. Or it’ll just be me and two other folks, sitting in our Twitter stream, sipping our tea/coffee/cocoa. Whatever happens, I’m happy. Sometimes it’s just enough to carve out your own little space in the world.


Thoughts? Want to join in with #ziewrites? Don’t want to join, but think it’s cool anyway? Leave me a comment below: I love hearing from y’all.

When did I become old?


I’m sitting at home eating dinner at a quarter to 11pm (which actually seems a reasonable time to eat dinner during summer; the sun just set) and wanting to go to the bar. Instead I’m eating salad. Salad of mixed baby greens and spinach with some bell peppers, and some of my Four Thieves’ Vinegar drizzled on top. (So, you know, not an “American Salad” that’s so covered in meat and thick dressing and croutons and cheese that it’s not really salad anymore, it’s a sandwich that tried to run away and was beaten for its transgression.) My drink is water (and some tea later). This whole meal is about 100 calories.

Mmmm, fibre.

Meanwhile I’ve got friends in Vegas drinking a bottle of $800 Cristal, and a friend in the UK who would gladly go to the bar with me if it weren’t for that damn geography. I’m 25; I’m supposed to be a hip jet-setter, going out with friends and traveling and hitting the bars and dancing my arse to pieces.

Instead I’m a shut-in. You know, being a shut-in means never having to wear pants, but killing means never having to say you’re sorry. Wait, no. That analogy got away from me.

My point is, I’m okay with being a shut-in, largely, because I prefer to be alone most of the time. But it’s becoming too much. I’m no longer the party animal I once was; hells I’m not even going out for coffee with friends as often as I used to.

This is what an injury can do to you. It can completely overturn your life to the point where you don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror anymore.

And yeah, I suppose a healthier lifestyle is, well, healthier, but it’s not that I’ve gone healthy but I still occasionally hit the bars or whatever. It’s that I’ve jumped from age 25 to age 95 in the past few months. Basic tasks exhaust me; I’m literally afraid of going out-of-doors; I shake my cane at kids and scream Damn youngsters, get off my lawn! when I’m at the mall.

I just got this new phone — the Samsung Galaxy Note. And it makes me feel so alive! This is the phone for my age, this is what I should be using while I’m out hitting the bars and dancing oh wait….

I just want to go to a bar so I have an embarrassing photo to take and upload drunkenly to Twitter. Let me be 25, oh gods of bodily health. Let this pain end.

PS: On the ‘being proactive’ front, I’m wrestling myself a physiotherapy appointment tomorrow. I’m not just bitching and whining to WordPress. I am trying.

PPS: I sort of can’t see because I spent all afternoon looking at a small screen. I may have an addiction.

SyFy Original TV Movies: possibly worse than syphilis


Last night we drove for far too long and finally staggered into a room at a Hampton Inn & Suites in West Sacramento, CA. At first, there was good TV — The Daily Show and The Colbert Report — but then I turned off the satan-box for some downtime. Mom complained, saying she needed some mindless background chatter to make her mindless paperwork seem bearable. So I turned it on and went to the SyFy channel.

Phantom Racer was on. What ensued was my drunk liveblogging of it on Twitter.

Some choice tweets:

Above is a literal transcription of her lines in that scene.

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Writer Wednesday: it’s like the future sneaked up behind me and shouted “Boo!”


I’ve just spent the past few hours reading about Twitter hashtags for writers, finding new and varied blogs about writing and the writing business, finding prompts and challenges for blogging, and finding out that self-publishing may be losing its bad rap sooner rather than later. Which is awesome, because legacy publishing is kind of B.S.-tastic. Holly Lisle is apparently now going the self-publishing route, after being published for over 30 books in the legacy publishing industry. She has some interesting things to say about it.


Apparently there’s been this techno-revolution in the world of writing and it’s still going strong. I only vaguely knew about these things; I had no idea it was so big.

I recently decided my blog is going to be my business platform. That’s why I revamped the site and why you’re seeing daily, if not more, posts from me.

All the new information bodes well for my career, because I’m planning on having not only a paperback version of Bellica out by January, but an ebook version as well. All I have to do between now and then is build up my online presence to semi-famous, and the book will sell like a hotcake.

Fewer than six months. I think I can do that. I’ll be on Twitter a whole hell of a lot, of course, and constantly searching for new ways to connect with other writers.

However, I could definitely use some help. Have any suggestions? Your own stories of reaching internet fame? What’s my next step?